September 18, 2014

my 7 favourite shows of #nyfw.

Major apologies for the 2 week hiatus I've had on the blog, I've been so impossibly busy with school that I didn't have the time to sit down and write! But thanks to Instagram and Twitter, I've been able to do some catching up on my own on the latest shows for Spring 2015. Last week was #NYFW, also known as New York Fashion Week, the first leg of each season that kick starts the fashion week cycle, and also the week where old trends are thrown out and the new are predicted for the coming weeks and seasons. And what a start it has been! The collections throughout the entire week were overflowing with creativity and originality, there were just so many of them that I coveted because all of them were just so spectacular. Another highlight of this season is also that reigning queen of the runway, Dutch clotheshorse Daphne Groeneveld has returned to the runway after a 2 season break, opening and closing a number of shows for NYFW. Here are some of the top shows that are on the way to setting the bar for Spring RTW 2015, read on to find out more....

VERA WANG : Vera Wang has always been about juxtaposition, self-confessing that she only wears black, yet she is the world's top bridalwear designer. This season, she used these contradictions to her own advantage, dividing her show into two segments, "Boyish Boudoir" and "Baby Bohemian". "There are two very distinct parts: One is tailored, the other side is very flou." Opening the show were strong structured looks : black pantsuits and blazers, jackets neatly tailored in a rich gray cinched with rims of tulle and ribbon, in the line of boudoir. Passementerie details, which Wang borrowed from bridalwear designs, were seen densely on the back and hips of the pieces. What about bohemian then? Ethereal gauzy gowns with vests was Wang's idea of "baby bohemian" nightwear. These were followed by light-as-a-feather looks including jewel encrusted tulle sewn onto brocade frocks and trapeze dresses, channelling an extremely regal feel that was both youthful and free-spirited. And who was her muse? None other than Marie Antoinette. “I think Marie-Antoinette feels a sense of freedom and motion, of structure and control. To me, she was also just a massive fashion icon.” Rather than over-the-top boudoir common with Antoinette references, there was a restraint in Wang's design and fabric use that had a slight nod to grunge. While the clothes were decidedly sombre, it had a very clear sense of structure and control in the tailoring and cut with an obvious Vera Wang aesthetic. And it made for a gorgeous collection no doubt.

August 22, 2014

chanel couture fall 2015.

Karl Lagerfeld has always created breathtakingly dazzling sets for Chanel — from a private jet to a larger-than-life carousel, a Swedish iceberg to an oversized gold lion statue with a pearl under its paw, to a derelict antembellum theatre and a Chanel supermarket : Chanel has been a supermaison when it comes to changing the Grand Palais to create the mood of the season. Naturally for fall 2015 couture, the fashion world anticipated what could possibly outdo what Karl hasn't already done. And being Karl, he has once again offered the unexpected by unveiling something almost unheard of for Chanel : a clean, sophisticated, icy-cold scaled-down scene that was accented with gold flourishes and complete with a digital Chanel fireplace. “Le Corbusier goes to Versailles! Modernity with baroque elements!” This season the set was a homage to Le Corbusier, an 18th-century architect with a penchant for modern and flamboyant touches in an age where baroque designs were in vogue. A gold fireplace topped with a Chanel-embossed baroque mirror was the centerpiece inspired by the architect's Parisian apartment, giving the set an ornate feel amidst the stark whitewashed walls.



August 13, 2014

dior couture fall 2015

For Raf Simons, haute couture at Dior was always about modern relevance. While previous couture collections were modern designs inspired by the current age, Couture 2015 was modern designs inspired by past, present and future eras. Starting off Paris Couture Week he presented a brilliant collection, featuring a modern twist on looks from both previous centuries and Dior archives, and infusing them with the grandeur that could only come with haute couture. Residence of past Dior collections, the Parisian gardens of the Musée Rodin were transformed into a silvery spaceship this season, covered with the most delicate white orchids reminisce of Fall 2012, while swishing white doors lining the grounds opened up to reveal an army of models catwalking from all directions.
Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture
The couture offerings this season once again took on Simons' signature stream-lined silhouettes, pretty fleur references Dior has become famous for and quirky-chic touches.The collection was era-hopping in so many ways : starting from embroidered Marie Antoinette-esque frock coats over tailored pants to dazzling astronaut spacesuits, to luxurious Edwardian furs and sweeping gowns then forward to the modern working woman's pantsuit. And who could forget the famous Bar Jacket, which was given an exaggerated peplum in cream and navy over a selection of elegant chiffon soiree dresses.
Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture
Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture

August 05, 2014

elie saab couture fall 2015

While Elie Saab explored daywear in his recent Resort collection, there wasn't a single day look in Couture {unless the black beaded dress and cardigan on Lindsey Wixson counts as one}. Not that I'm complaining, Elie Saab has always been an exquisite eveningwear house, and since his debut collection Saab has already been making haute couture with aplomb, evident in his uberloyal clientele set that includes everyone from princesses and socialites, to even doctors and lawyers .

 While the usual ready-to-wear seasons have already enchanted us with their offerings, Couture is the time where the atelier really shines. For Fall 2015, Elie Saab whisks us away into a magical fairytale of everything we ever wished for : luxurious pearl-strewn {detail de rigeur} gowns dressed in gauzy organza and dreamy chiffon, surrounded by a set mimicking the grandeur of a Parisian palace, glittering chandeliers lining the runway while reflecting the rich colours of the collection.

July 30, 2014

giambattista valli fall 2015 couture.

Nothing said Giambattista Valli's "new Couture customer" more than the Couture 2015 collection. The muse is an impeccably dressed woman of the 21st century, and this season she wakes up in the Alhambra Gardens, throwing on her sunglasses and a champagne napkin while exploring the fleur-dotted gardens. The unique mix of Moorish and Spanish culture of the Alhambra appealed to Valli, and he deftly translated the picture into pretty runway looks. 
While louvred panels filtered light onto the runway like morning sunlight in a Meditarranean villa, the collection opened with dresses that would be found on the Valli girl whilst she tumbles out of bed : slacked-silhouette pajama-esque silk pieces with simple monochrome stripes, then a series of airy midi frocks dressed in delicate taffeta and tulle. And what better to wander around the Gardens in than these floral-appliqued gowns? Striking roses and poppies adorned the semi-pencil skirts that brushed slightly below the knee, while capelets and crop tops gave a twist of youthfulness to the grown-up looks. 

"The secret of my girls is that they're always eccentric. They don't play it. They are." 
Eccentricity was in the form of accessories for this show : to protect herself from the heat and the sun, the Valli girl dons a pair of designer shades and a cream Cinderella-esque headscarf, the only accessories worthy of such an opulent look. For night, she is adorned with lavish feathery ball skirts of chiffon and tulle ruffles in pastel shades of ombré from fuchsia to seafoam and lemon yellow, with some looks also worn with a "monkey" cape trailing with a flourish, which could only have come with the exquisite craftsmanship of a couture atelier.