July 30, 2014

giambattista valli fall 2015 couture.

Nothing said Giambattista Valli's "new Couture customer" more than the Couture 2015 collection. The muse is an impeccably dressed woman of the 21st century, and this season she wakes up in the Alhambra Gardens, throwing on her sunglasses and a champagne napkin while exploring the fleur-dotted gardens. The unique mix of Moorish and Spanish culture of the Alhambra appealed to Valli, and he deftly translated the picture into pretty runway looks. 
While louvred panels filtered light onto the runway like morning sunlight in a Meditarranean villa, the collection opened with dresses that would be found on the Valli girl whilst she tumbles out of bed : slacked-silhouette pajama-esque silk pieces with simple monochrome stripes, then a series of airy midi frocks dressed in delicate taffeta and tulle. And what better to wander around the Gardens in than these floral-appliqued gowns? Striking roses and poppies adorned the semi-pencil skirts that brushed slightly below the knee, while capelets and crop tops gave a twist of youthfulness to the grown-up looks. 

"The secret of my girls is that they're always eccentric. They don't play it. They are." 
Eccentricity was in the form of accessories for this show : to protect herself from the heat and the sun, the Valli girl dons a pair of designer shades and a cream Cinderella-esque headscarf, the only accessories worthy of such an opulent look. For night, she is adorned with lavish feathery ball skirts of chiffon and tulle ruffles in pastel shades of ombré from fuchsia to seafoam and lemon yellow, with some looks also worn with a "monkey" cape trailing with a flourish, well displaying the exquisite craftsmanship of the couture atelier.

July 22, 2014

lace & prints : resort 2015

I have to admit, Resort 2015 was one of the most exciting Resort seasons I've seen in a long time. There were new designers showing their debut Resort collection, luxury houses jet-setting across the world to exotic locations, and ateliers showcasing a change in design direction, exploring new aesthetics and playing around with different types of ready-to-wear. The collections were of course, marvelous and I was so obsessed over so many of them! This seasons offerings were wide for Resort, from light summer wear to exquisite winter cur coats and essentials for the luxury jet-setter to seasonal wardrobe updates for the modern city girl.  "Resort means nothing. Who buys clothes exclusively for going to a resort?" so said Oscar de la Renta at his Resort 2015 presentation. Who indeed? There are only a rarefied few who buys four to five-figure luxury wear just to travel around the world, and for most buying Resort, it's simply just to keep their wardrobe afresh with the latest ready-to-wear. Out of the countless collections, here are some of the most stunning ones, offering a myriad of styles from sleek city chic to red carpet glamour to sophisticated street style prints.
HOUSE OF HOLLAND : Loud colours with even louder prints was the core of Henry Holland's collection for Resort 2015. In a tribute to Diana Vreeland's famous quote "I've never met a leopard print I didn't like.", Holland piled the collection with only the boldest animal prints : leopard, zebra and python set in an insane mix of deep blue, neon green, fuchsia, acid orange and even "Vreeland red". The muse was a devil-may-care seventies girl, all decked out in the brightest of iridescent fabrics in the form of : a miniskirt that could be zipped off "in case you didn't think the skirt was short enough,", cameo swimsuits and a "My Pussy, My Rules" vest as well as shrimp and burger keychains and acrylic purses. Take notes, this is how to make a statement without ever being trashy.

July 09, 2014

zuhair murad resort 2015 : desert princess

Zuhair Murad has always been known for his lavish evening gowns, which are celebrity favourites when it comes to red carpet ready. But after almost twenty years of exploring and reinventing eveningwear, Murad has been experimenting with daywear with this Resort collection along with his usual trademark offerings of stunning floor length gowns.
Zuhair Murad has always been known for his lavish evening gowns, which are celebrity favourites when it comes to red carpet ready. But after almost twenty years of exploring and reinventing eveningwear, Murad has been experimenting with daywear with this Resort collection along with his usual trademark offerings of stunning floor length gowns. Inspired to make "safari chic" chic again, he introduced more pared down looks in the form of knee-sweeping frocks and simple coats. 

July 04, 2014

Dior Secret Garden III : Versailles

An ad from the third installment in Dior’s  “Secret Garden” series.
Dior has always been extremely fond of the Versailles Palace, where it had become the backdrop of many of its commercials, from J'Adore Dior to the magical Secret Garden series. And what's not to love? With it's smooth mural-covered walls and intricate architecture sprinkled with copious amounts of French glamour not to mention the famous well-trimmed gardens that surround the palace, Versailles has captured the hearts of so many around the globe as the epitome of French luxury. For the last two years, Dior has made the Versailles the home to its Secret Garden mini-series, portraying the elusive yet elegant Dior woman wandering around the palace grounds in nothing less than the latest pieces from the house.
An ad from the third installment in Dior’s  “Secret Garden” series.
This year, we are whisked away once again to the Château in Paris for more Dior fabulosity : the long-awaited third instalment of the Secret Garden campaign, shot again by fashion's famed duo Inez and Vinoodh. Inspired by the Three Graces of Antiquity, muses Daria Strokous, Fei Fei Sun and Katlin Aas embody the young contemporary woman while evoking "three different facets of joyous feminity". Dressed in the rich colours of pre-fall 2014, the models take a tour through the ornate corridors of the Palais swept up in a thrilling rush, dashing through luxurious pathways and weaving through perfectly manicured hedges.

June 27, 2014

blogger spotlight : nikki chowdhury

Meet Nikki Chowdhury, personal style blogger hailing from the warm sunny land of Australia. Together with her photographer and stylist Gemma Scheetz, she blogs at City of Skirts, a creative outlet for her passionate love for fashion. Documenting everything from everyday personal style to her latest shopping lists, her blog is full of sun-drenched images taken along the city streets of Down Under complete with pieces that can take you from day to night. An avid fan of ASOS and Witchery, she loves pairing luxury accessories with high street pieces, sourcing her wardrobe from a wide array of boutiques all around the world. A self-confessed city girl, Nikki is inspired by everything from city lights and department stores to New York City to Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl and Olivia Palermo. Amidst making time to blog and study, she also watches cat videos and organizes her wardrobe by colour to pass the time. Read on to find out her favourite lipstick shade, her worst fashion faux pas and more about this month's blogger…
1. What made you decide to start blogging? 
I was doing a course in Industrial Design at university, when all I really wanted to do was study fashion. I was already in my 2nd year so I figured I would stay on with the course, but try to satisfy my creative needs through a hobby instead. Fashion blogging seemed simple enough - I already shopped like a mad woman and had a pretty substantial wardrobe, so I started taking photos of my outfits and here I am today!
2. What inspired you to name your blog City of Skirts? 
When I started my blog, I had just finished watching Gossip Girl. I fell in love with Blair Waldorf's style, particularly how she always wore feminine blouses with beautiful skirts. I've also always considered myself a city slicker - I'm not that crazy about nature and wildlife, and definitely prefer walking down a city street surrounded by lights and department stores rather than walking through the bush in wellies. So, I just put the two together and called it "city of skirts". It pretty much tells you everything you need to know about me - i'm a girly girl and don't take me bush walking!  

3. What is your favourite part in being a personal style blogger?
I really just like documenting my outfits - whenever I'm stumped for something to wear I can look back on them to make them appropriate for the day ahead. It's also great to meet other bloggers who just get you - meeting other people who agree that spending copious amounts of time on Asos is not weird!